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Firefox 3!!! Set a Guinness World Record!

Download Day - English

Set a Guinness World Record
Enjoy a Better Web

Sounds like a good deal, right? All you have to do is get Firefox 3 during Download Day to help set the record for most software downloads in 24 hours - it’s that easy. We're not asking you to swallow a sword or to balance 30 spoons on your face, although that would be kind of awesome.

By the way, the official date for the launch of Firefox 3 will be posted here soon - so check back! Join our community and this effort by pledging today.

Firefox3: Join us in our mission to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours!

Firefox 3: Join us in our mission to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours!


What is Download Day?

Download Day is our attempt to set a world record for the most software downloads in 24 hours and will occur on Firefox 3 launch day.

When is Download Day?

Download Day will coincide with the general availability of Firefox 3. The clock will start ticking when Firefox 3 goes out the door! We don’t have a definitive date for Firefox 3 yet, but it should be in June.

How do I take part in the record?

It's simple--just download Firefox 3 as soon as it is available, preferably from Download Day Headquarters. You'll get a customized certificate by downloading from Headquarters.

How will I know it’s time to download Firefox 3?

Please provide your email address when pledging to download Firefox 3 and we'll send you reminder emails and notify you of the exact date. Or, you can check back at Download Day Headquarters for an update or follow "mozillafirefox" on Twitter for status.

How can I help, other than downloading Firefox 3?

The best thing to do is spread the word about Download Day – tell your mom, your neighbors, your colleagues – anyone and everyone!

Here are a few other ways to help as we move towards the finish line:

When will we find out if we’ve officially set the record?

This will take approximately a week after our attempt date. Our judges and Guinness World Records™ need to review our download logs and validate our record attempt.

Can we download more than one copy of Firefox per computer?

No, please play nice and only download one copy of Firefox per computer. We ask that you refrain from creating download bots or any other mechanism that would be cheating. In order for our attempt to be legitimate, each download must be human initiated.

What is Mozilla doing to make sure the record attempt is valid?

Mozilla will only count downloads that are fully and completely transmitted, not partial or complete updates. We will also discard duplicate downloads with the help of a cookie system. We will be logging our downloads using Apache and these logs will be made available for audit to Guinness World Records™, as well as two judges - Corey Shields and Paul Vixie.

Do we have to reach a specific number of downloads in order to set the record?

This is the first record attempt of its kind so there is no set number. We'd really like to outdo the number of Firefox 2 downloads on its launch day, which was 1.6 million. Let's shoot for 5 million--the sky is the limit!

What qualifies as an official download of Firefox?

A "download" is the transmission of the entire, fully functioning Firefox 3 -- not an update.

What does Mozilla have to provide Guinness to validate the record?

We will provide the following:

  • Signed statements of authentication from our judges showing that we've followed the rules and confirming our numbers.
  • Video footage and photographs of our community members hosting Download Fests. Take pictures!!
  • Download logs for a sample size of our downloads. We will internally host 10% of the downloads, retaining all of the logs for these downloads, and will use this as our sample set to extrapolate the actual download number and percentage of completed downloads.
What will Mozilla do with the email addresses that were collected in the pledge process?

Mozilla only will use your email address to confirm your registration, send download reminders to you when Firefox 3 launches, and to let you know the results of our record attempt. We will not share your email address with any other organization or individual.

How were country or regions determined on the pledge map?

We selected amMap, an interactive map tool, that allowed us to easily create a map that would depict worldwide Firefox pledges. amMap includes a list of countries in its pull down menu. Unfortunately, finding a complete map and country list is nearly impossible. We've received feedback on how some regions and countries should be rendered and are taking this feedback seriously. We're working directly with the developer to get it updated. Mozilla isn't trying to make any political statements. Our goal is to present a map that inspires participants and shows the truly global passion for Firefox. Please email any questions to

What information is the map using to track downloads by country?

The map is associating an Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is non-personally-identifying information, with a geo location. No private or personal information is tracked or collected.

How do I use the affiliate buttons on my website or blog?

Start by choosing the size and design you prefer then simply copy the source code. Paste the code anywhere on your website or blog to link to Download Day headquarters.

How do I download an official participant certificate?

A special form will be available on the Download Day Headquarters as soon as Firefox 3 launches and Download Day kicks off. Simply enter your name and select print for your very own certificate.

Is there any official Download Day merchandise available for purchase?

At this point, we don’t have any merchandise available, but we’re considering it. Please feel free to send ideas to

Where can I find out more information about Firefox 3 features?

Please check out our Firefox 3 page at Download Day Headquarters.

Will I be able to find this record on the Guinness website or in the printed version of the book?

We hope so! Guinness World Records™ receives many record attempt requests and can't accommodate everyone. Let's catch their eye by working to make this a spectacular record with millions of downloads and great, zany Download Fests.